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"I’ve been a game hunter for many years, but am now living in a rural place and started thinking more about home defense. With his excellent gunsmithing skills, Steve helped me modify my gun appropriately and through his tactical defense class I learned all the ways I had to think differently and react differently. I am very appreciative of his experience and professional training. Thanks Steve!"
-- L.G.

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About the Instructor

Please take a moment to get to know Steve Clary, the Superior Firepower Tactical Firearms Instructor

Steve Clary’s law enforcement career began in 1980, spanning two decades and three states. During Steve’s tenure as a police officer, he served in Special Reaction Teams (SRT), and Search Warrant Teams (SWT) in Arizona, and California. He was trained as a scout/sniper, and entry team specialist becoming an expert in the use of multiple types of firearms in the urban combat environment. He served with distinction, earning numerous commendations. On several occasions, he had to put his training to the ultimate test while defending his life and the lives of others.

Steve also discovered that he was a gifted instructor and, over the years, found himself teaching various courses in Police Motorcycle Enforcement, Pursuit Driving, Emergency Medicine and Firearms.

He moved his family to Oregon in 1992 to support his retired parents and finished his law enforcement career serving with the Gold Beach Police Department. While serving with the GBPD, he served as Firearms Instructor & Range Master. His real life experience in several states and law enforcement organizations exposed him to a wide variety of techniques and styles of gun fighting. He was able to blend the best parts of these various techniques into a cutting edge training program. He was commended for his innovative training techniques by the Chief of Police.

When Steve is not at the range, he is employed as a Corporate Pilot, holding both Airline Transport Pilot and Flight Instructor certificates.

Steve currently resides in Central Point, Oregon.